Folks are amazed at how fresh our coffee is at Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie in New Brighton and at the wide selection of coffees and teas available. We have the best selection of coffee and tea in the valley!

We keep our coffee fresh by sourcing the highest quality coffees from around the world; we get the crops as they come into port. Once clearing customs coffees are taken to a warehouse where they are picked up by truck and delivered to us at Hallowed Grounds. It doesn’t get any fresher!

Green coffee beans are good for 2 years, but ours never last longer than a year; many don’t last the month! We sell over 15,000 pounds of coffee per year out of our store front in New Brighton! We import 1,500 pounds of fresh green coffee beans monthly. People are astonished when they see the pallet of burlap sacks sitting in front of the shop!

We get 20 single origin coffees from various growing regions. Out of these coffees we flavor some with topical syrups after roasting; offering 29 flavors in regular and decaf. We create custom blends unique to Hallowed Grounds by combining coffees from different regions.  In addition to selling bags of beans, we also sell coffee by the cup at Hallowed Grounds, so we keep our coffees turned over by making drinks as well.

We track what & when we roast and flavor; roasting daily in small batches. You can smell the freshness before you open the door! We keep all coffee in whole bean until sold or prepared, locking in the freshness. We keep only small quantities of each coffee on stock many times selling out entire bins in a day.

We are all about quality control at Hallowed Grounds guaranteeing you a pleasurable coffee experience! By cup or by pound, Hallowed Grounds coffee is sure to astound!

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