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Discovering Hallowed Grounds

I never thought I would discover Hallowed Grounds in my golden years! I've always had an entrepreneurial sprit, but my plan for returning to work after being a stay-at-home mom was to resume my banking career. I'd ben an AVP in consumer lending for 20 years prior to being a homeschool mom for 10. Opening…
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A Hallowed Grounds Re-awakening

Happy Summer Everyone! It's great to be getting back to near normal after a challenging year. We are almost finished with our remodel to showcase our post pandemic re-awakening! It has been 6 months in process, but we are almost finished! Check out the pics! We have always wanted to take the shop back to…
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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Explosively Aromatic Coffee Experience

Ethiopian is widely regarded as the birthplace of coffee, and Yirgacheffe located in the bottom half of the country, is arguably its most famous growing region. So many of the great washed coffees of Yirgacheffe are explosively aromatic, full of citrus and floral notes and have a light and elegant body, so this is undeniably…
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Spice it Up!

Spice up your Fathers Day gift giving with a Spiceology gift set from Hallowed Grounds! Gift sets are affordably priced and attractively packaged, ready for Dad to kick off his grillin season! Hundreds of recipes available at! Don't delay order today!  
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Indonesian Sulawesi Toraja Sapan Minanga Coffee

Just in a fresh crop of Sulawesi coffee known for its delicate earthiness and rich body. Sapan Minanga has been recognized as one of the premium coffees grown on the island. In the highlands of Sulawesi—one of Indonesia's largest islands—the Toraja region boasts elaborate housing with beautiful carvings, a breath-taking landscape stretching out to the…
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Hallowed Grounds is Here for You!

This too shall pass, meanwhile what's a business to do in the midst of a global pandemic? Well, Hallowed Grounds is here and ready to serve you. We are taking extra precautions to protect our beloved customers, community, and the Hallowed Grounds family. Drew and I have recently completed our ServSafe certification and re-certification class…
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Share the Hallowed Grounds Holiday Love!

[gallery columns="5" ids="3480,3239,3057,3053,3050,2415,2409,2413,2423,1758"] Hallowed Grounds Friends & Family, I would like to ask you all a favor this holiday season. Please support Hallowed Grounds and other local businesses. Retail stores run in the red most of the year and rely upon Christmas sales to turn that ink black. Year end sales must last through most…
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Happy Haunting with Hallowed Grounds

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Ghouls and Goblins are welcome at Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie of New Brighton. We are home of hauntingly delicious coffee and spooktacular teas! Our Apple Crumble and Pumpkin Torte Coffee or our Pumpkin spice tea will have you screaming with delight!

The coffee wizard at Hallowed Grounds imports coffee from around the globe roasting them fresh daily creating an enchanting aroma that is sure to have you spellbound! It's not just witchful thinking; you can eat, drink, and be scary with 100 coffees and 50 different teas from which to choose!

But wait, if that's not enough to bewitch you, our fresh roasted Bavarian style nuts are sure to bedazzle! And as the season change, so do we adding Spiceology rubs that are sure to astound to our already delectable lineup!

Is your fall  fundraiser a nightmare? Let Hallowed Grounds work our magic making your fundraising dreams come true!

And as the leaves turn into autumn splendor, fall weddings are all around.  Don't be spooked at the the horror of picking out favors. Turn your wicked wedding favors into a frightful delight with  Hallowed Grounds.

At Hallowed Grounds autumn abounds with coffees, teas, spices, gifts and more, so take a coffin break and try one of our many tantalizing fall treats! Call, click, or fly on over today! Happy Haunting!

Celebrate Spring with Hallowed Grounds!

If spring celebrations have you out and about, stop at Hallowed Grounds and check us out! We've got the best gifts for any occasion, without a doubt! By cup or by pound Hallowed Grounds coffee and tea is sure to make your party plans astound! From moms and dads to brides and grads, a gift…
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Spice Up Your Life!

Hallowed Grounds is here to help you spice up your life with our new line of spices from Spiceology! Spiceology products are all natural, gluten free with no MSG and are low sodium. Spiceology spices are not just for the grill; throw some on your popcorn or french fries or add some to your next…
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