Specialty coffee roasting by a neighborhood shop was revived in response to poor quality, factory roasted, pre-ground, stale coffees found in virtually every supermarket making false claims of freshness. Foil wrap and vacuum packaging, though expensive, does not guarantee freshness. Bad roasting, blending and poor storage conditions of most big vendors ruin even the freshest roast long before it hits the store let alone your morning cup of coffee.

Specialty Coffee Facts

  • Specialty coffee is coffee that has a distinctive flavor with no defects.
  • Specialty coffee refers to the highest quality beans roasted to their greatest flavor potential by true crafts people.
  • Like wine, specialty coffee has a unique flavor due to the particular growing region in which it is carefully harvested.
  • Specialty coffee must be notably good and never taste bad in order to be considered specialty.
  • Freshness is a part of the definition for specialty, if the coffee is not highly aromatic it does not deserve to be called specialty.
  • In the end, specialty coffee is defined in the cup. The many steps taken to deliver a distinctively good tasting quality cup of coffee into the customers’ hands all come together in a satisfying flavor that does not require additives!
  • Specialty coffee is cheaper than bottled water, costing less than 50 cents per cup based upon highly esteemed estate coffees selling for an average of $20 per pound.
  • Even when brewing exceptionally strong you will get 50 cups from a pound making good coffee a surprisingly affordable luxury!

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