I never thought I would discover Hallowed Grounds in my golden years! I've always had an entrepreneurial sprit, but my plan for returning to work after being a stay-at-home mom was to resume my banking career. I'd ben an AVP in consumer lending for 20 years prior to being a homeschool mom for 10. Opening a Coffee Roasterie was not in my plan, but there was a greater plan at work.

My husband, David, is the idea guy and we both love coffee! We used to drive into the Strip  District in Pittsburgh to buy coffee. My husband was fascinated by the coffee roasters. He was going to buy a home roaster and start roasting coffee as a hobby. Instead, he. bought a commercial coffee roaster and put it on our sunporch.

He learned the art of coffee roasted and we starting giving sample bags to everyone we knew. I joined a local networking group, and soon we had over a hundred customers. Our hobby was taking over the house. It was time for a bigger house or a storefront location. A retail storefront made the most sense.

The choice to name our business Hallowed Grounds and to locate it in New Brighton was fitting. The name comes from the Bible in Exodus 3:5 where the Lord says to Moses, "take off your shoes, for the ground on which you are standing is Hallowed Ground." Many also consider the grounds where we are located to be hallowed due to the important role that the town New Brighton played in the Underground Railroad. So, in 2007 Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie of New Brighton was born.

David's creativity and my pragmatism form a partnership that has served us well, so we decided that I would run the new family business. For the first five years, I did not take a paycheck - I worked for coffee and biscotti. David kept his day job making real money with benefits while I played store all day.

Owning a business in an area where most residents are on moderate fixed incomes can be a challenge. This stability does, however insulate us from extreme market swings. There is something to be said for the steady drip filling the bucket!

I am currently  the store manager, planning, organizing and overseeing, or as I like to say - I order, pay, and put away.  David is the fixer of everything. broken. And our daughter, Drusilla now roasts the coffee beans. We have 3 employees rounding out the mix to make up the Hallowed Grounds team. While other businesses have struggled with staffing, we have always been blessed with a great staff for which I am extremely grateful.

Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie is the home of heavenly roasted coffee, specially teas,  gifts, and goodies. We are not your typical sit and sip liquid coffee shop. We import coffees from around the globe and roast them fresh. Like fine wine, each coffee is a unique treat. We are now in our 17th year. Hallowed Grounds has the best selection of coffee and tea in Beaver County. We also make beautiful gift baskets, offer home baked goods, Bavarian style cinnamon glazed nuts, and fresh ground nut butters.

Stop into our New Brighton storefront location and discover the heavenly aroma. See the bins of fresh roasted beans and the jars of loose leaf teas. Check out the burlap bags of green coffee beans. Witness the coffee roasting process. Our  store has an old-fashioned country appeal.

Don't drink coffee?  We have options. Tea drinkers love Hallowed Grounds too! And those who don't drink coffee often have occasion to serve coffee to guests or to give coffee and tea as gifts.

So, don't delay call 724-581-Java, click on hallowed-grounds.com or stop in today!


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