In the past we have discussed ways to brew your favorite cup of java. This month I would like to talk about various ways to grind your coffee! And yes, grinding does make a difference!

The first thing to note is that keeping your coffee in whole bean and grinding it yourself as you use it does keep your coffee fresher longer! The reason is that the bean locks in the flavor and as soon as your grind that bean the entoxicating aroma that you smell is the flavor beginning to leave the coffee! So, if you notice that your ground coffee loses flavor over time, investing in a grinder is a good option to consider.

At Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie we carry a number of different grinders to suit your needs and your budget.

Next, the type of grind also effects the taste in the cup! Flavor extraction is one of the most important aspects of brewing coffee. Simply said, extraction is the method of pulling flavor from your beans. As water passes through the coffee grounds, it dissolves the compounds that make their way into your cup.

As a general rule, brewing methods with a longer contact time rquire a coarser grind. Conversely, espresso requires a very fine grind as it is finely ground coffee brewed quickly under pressure!

The French Press uses a coarse grind resembling instant coffee. French press coffee is generally steeped for about 5 minutes and there is no filter involved.

The Chemex pot and most auto drip coffee makers do well with a medium grind resembling kosher salt. Grinding too fine for an auto drip can spray the grounds all around resulting in a cup full of coffee grounds and a possible mess on your counter if the filter becomes clogged. Grinding too coarse will result in a loss of flavor.

A medium fine coffee resembling table salt is best suggested for the Coffee Siphon. And finally, a fine grind is best for espresso and the AeroPress or any stove top Espresso maker.

A super fine grind the consistency of powedered sugar is required for Turkish coffee which is prepared in a cezve or ibrik. This coffee is prepared over an open flame and sugars and spices are often added.

Well, as you head back to your own daily grind I hope that Kathy's Coffee Talk will help you achieve your personal perefect cup of java! Please be sure to stop into Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie in New Brighton or check out our web page for deals on our coffee grinders.

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