Sumatra Mandheling


This coffee hails from the Indonesian Islands and is best known for its low acidity long with its unique woody and earthy tones. When roasted dark it produces a dark, rich and robust cup. (Available in a medium roast, dark roast, or dark roast decaffeinated)



The islands of Indonesia were formed by volcanoes, producing a rich soil that is ideal for growing coffee. It is no wonder that some of the worlds most famous coffees are grown on the islands of Indonesia including; Sumatra, Sulawesi, and Java.

Coffee trees were originally brought to Indonesia by the Dutch, who sought to break the world-wide Arabic monopoly on the cultivation of coffee. Within a few years, Indonesian coffee dominated the world's coffee market. Mandailing is the name of the ethnic group in Indonesia responsible for coffee cultivation in Sumatra.

Sumatran coffee is processed in a using a unique method that produces a full body with a concentrated flavor, garnished with herbal nuances and a spicy finish. The trademark flavor is famous for its low acidity and lingering richness on the back of the palate.

We offer our Sumatra coffee in both a medium and dark roast as well as a dark roast decaffeinated version.

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