Brazil Fazenda Da Lagoa


Cup characteristics; Well-rounded acidity, pleasant sweetness, good complexity, soft nutty characteristics and chocolate notes.



Even in Brazil, a country with a long coffee tradition, the history of Fazenda da Lagoa is one that stands out. The roots of Fazenda da Lagoa can be traced back to eighteenth century Portuguese settlers who built a chapel and put up a fence around the area that is today's farm. The Fazenda da Lagoa estate is situated high above the town of Santo Antonio do Amparo. Streams from 40 natural springs water the land gradually converging into 2 small rivers that mark the borders of the grounds. To conserve this natural environment and preserve the ecological balance for future generations all farming activities are carefully monitored. Sustainable principles guide all cultivation on the farm. Fazenda da Lagoa aims to be an inspiration to its neighboring rural communities. At Fazenda da Lagoa, coffee cultivation is more than a business - it's a lifestyle! Several generations of people have been dedicated to creating excellent coffees for the pleasure of people all over the globe. Don't delay order today and enjoy!

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