One thing that life teaches is that apathy leads to death! This is true in business, relationships, and in life. So, what then is the solution? Periodically it is necessary to re-assess and rekindle the passion, resolve, drive and  enthusiasm that we had in the beginning of our endeavors! A good  time to do this is at the onset of each new year. And we do this at Hallowed Grounds annually on our anniversary.

We begin by looking at where we have been, reflecting on the past and what we have accomplished. This year we are celebrating our 10th year. Since 50% of businesses fail in their first year and 50% of those that survive fail in the first 3-5 years, I think you will agree that a 10 year anniversary is milestone worthy of celebration!

We have overcome some major obstacles over the years including a loss of traffic on main-street, an average income in our community that is well below the poverty level, ongoing economic recession, and no new construction to speak of since we have been in business. In spite of all of the negatives we have managed to build a successful well known and much appreciated business in Beaver County. We have a good reputation and our business is growing through word of mouth which is the best mechanism for new growth. We are blessed, so let  us count our blessings. Hats off to our employees and our customers for making all of the good things happen!

Additionally, we also must learn from our mistakes and view problems as challenges or opportunities for learning and growth. We invite you to let us know if you are not happy with something or if you have a suggestion as to how we might improve our products or services. We will do our best to get things right. When you are happy with us and our products and services, we would appreciate your telling your friends and doing positive online reviews to help us promote our business.

In 2017 we are changing some things to create excitement! First, for our in-store customers, we have purchased a brand new state of the art cappuccino machine for improved quality and selection of specialty drinks.  We are also purchasing a new chip card reader and phone processor for off-site and a 2nd register for busy times in the store. We have introduced Daily In-Store Specials for each day of the week and monthly specialty drink and flavored coffee features along with new tea blends and tea lattes.

Last, but not least we have revamped our flavored coffee recipes and have debuted 8 new coffee flavors which are now available both in store and online! We just introduced a new African Burundi coffee into our lineup that we are very excited about. So, don't be apathetic, perk up with amazing heavenly roasted coffee from Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie in New Brighton; call, click, or stop in today!



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