Whatever kind of coffee you like, Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie in New Brighton can help you brew to your personal drinking preference with any of our convenient pour over or slow brewed coffee devices!
Though the auto drip is the most popular brewing method, there are actually many ways to brew up a cup of coffee. Depending on the brewing device of choice there can be a big difference in the amount of flavor extraction. Regardless of whether you prefer a dark roast to a light roast or a flavored coffee, you want to get the most flavor possible for the best taste and slow brewed coffee is the best way to accomplish this task.
At Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie in New Brighton, we carry a number of slow brewing coffee devices that make great gifts for you or the coffee lover in your life!

1. The coffee siphon or vacuum pot has been around for years and is a cool way to brew! You begin with the water in the bottom and set the device directly on the stove - a vacuum is created causing the water to magically rise to the top! Gather the family around for a science lesson along with a fabulous cup of java!

2. Our SoftBrew coffee pots contain an ultra fine filter that is roomy enough to allow the grounds to expand while steeping - like a cup of tea - for maximum flavor extraction! An excellent choice for a great cup of coffee.
3. The Chemex pot was designed by a chemist with taste in mind. The Cone shape brew method creates just the right angle allowing for a measured flow-through rate that produces an outstanding cup of coffee. The filter removes oils that can cause bitterness creating a smooth and mellow cup. This is my personal favorite brewing method.

4. Last, but certainly not least Hallowed Grounds carries a full line of French Presses. The coffee press produces a bold cup leaving all of the oils in the coffee. The oils have flavor components that create a bold brew. Coarse ground coffee grounds go in the bottom of the cupp first and then heated water is poured over the top. Coffee grounds stand or steep for 4 to 5 minutes. When finished, you simply press down the plunger locking the grounds in the bottom of the cup and leaving you a delightful robust coffee to pour into your cup!

We also have an in-house pour over at Hallowed Grounds which enables us to brew any one of our huge selection of fresh roasted coffees just for you! Our brewer has won the Gold Cup Standard award from the Specialty Coffee Association for producing an outstanding cup of coffee. Stop into Hallowed Grounds for a gold cup of excellence today and check out all of our different brewing devices while you are here!

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