Need Coffee? Well, you'll have to take a detour around the road construction to get to Hallowed Grounds right now, but you have options - order online and get FREE shipping if you spend $30! Or plan your shopping and do a local pick up online order with a built in discount to reward your extra effort!

Honestly, it's been a bit slow due to the construction. We could use your support. If you haven't been in or haven't ordered in a while, please stop into our New Brighton store or place an online or phone order (724) 581-5282. Construction is not set to end until November 13. If not complete, they will be back in March 2019. This is the 3rd time in 11 years with construction on Main Street. We have survived, but could use a little help from our friends. Share the love & spread the word about Hallowed Grounds.

Take a coffee detour today and help Hallowed Grounds move from surviving into a time of thriving! We can do it together! Shop small, shop local. Small business is the backbone of the community!

Check our Facebook page for detour details!


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