Coffee! It's the drink of choice for many people.

Did u know?

*Coffee accounts for 7l% of all caffeine consumption in the U.S.

*Behind water, coffee is the most popular beverage in the world.

*Coffee is the 2nd highest traded commodity in the world - right behind oil!

The history of coffee is very interesting! Did u know?

*Legend says that coffee was discovered by Ethiopian sheep herders, who noticed their sheep's hyperactivity after eating the red cherries.

*Coffee was transported from Ethiopia to the Arab world by the Ottoman Turks who were the first to drink coffee as a beverage.

*From the Muslim World coffee came to Europe and grew in popularity during the 17th century.

*Prior to the Boston Tea Party coffee was not as popular in America, but demand increased dramatically during the War for Independence.

*Today coffee is a staple of the North American breakfast and morning commute.

*Coffee has grown into a worldwide phenomenon giving 3rd world countries a profitable export!

The Making of Coffee!

*Coffee is now grown in the tropics around the globe. Coffee beans are hand picked, processed, & shipped to the ends of the earth via exporters and importers who sell coffee to roasters and retailers - like us;)!

*Green coffee beans are roasted, packaged, and shipped to stores where it is made into its liquid tasty and familiar form!

*Coffee beans can be roasted, ground, and brewed many different ways, but the most common is the auto drip coffee maker.

The Politics of Coffee:

* As with anything, money and politics come into play in the world of coffee.

*Fair Trade Coffee is a coffee movement meant to address environmental and socioeconomic issues of concern.

*In an attempt to protect the environment - enviro-friendly, organic, shade grown & bird friendly coffee trends have taken root.

*Simply said this means that the smaller coffee trees are allowed to grow among older, established trees in order to protect the rain forest and migrating birds. Certified organic coffees are grown and processed in a chemical free environment from start to finish.

*Direct trade coffee is gaining in popularity where deals are made directly with local farmers bringing in medical and educational missions as well as modern sustainable farming techniques.


*As you can see, coffee is more complex than your average cup of Joe. However for most of us sharing a cup of coffee among friends is as far as we care to go with the subject.  Still there is something stimulating - even intoxicating when friends get together for coffee and conversation.

*In fact, Johann Sebastian Bach was so enchanted with coffee that he composed his Kaffee Kantate!

*So, whether you are a tea totaler or a coffee connoisseur, I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into the world of coffee! And I hope that Hallowed Grounds Coffee is your coffee of choice for 2014 and beyond!

Happy New Year! Drink to your health with heavenly roasted coffee & specialty loose leaf tea from Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie wheres brew inspiration from bean to cup!

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