India Monsoon Malabar


A smooth cup with a sweet mustiness. Totally unique – like no other coffee in the world and low in acid so it won’t bother your tummy!

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Few people associate India with top grade specialty coffees, India has been a producer and exporter of exceptional coffees for over 150 years. Today, India is the 5th largest producer of Arabica coffee in the world.

India's romance with coffee goes back over 400 years when coffees were shipped in wood sailing vessels taking four to six months to reach their destinations. The coffee stored below the water line and kept in a humid atmosphere with moisture seeping through the wood underwent a transformation changing the color from bright green to pale gold losing its acidity producing a coffee like no other coffee in the world!

The monsooning process was developed to duplicate the desired effects of the historic voyages. This process consists of exposing natural coffee beans in layers to moisture laden monsoon winds in a well ventilated brick or concrete floored warehouse.  The top grade Arabica Cherry AB beans are raked frequently, followed by bulking and re-bagging at regular intervals then bagged and moved to a drier region for longer term storage. This 12-16 week process allows the beans to acquire their special unique flavor!

Indian Monsooned Malabar coffee is spicy, earthy, and woody with pungent woody notes and a medium body it is very low in acid due to the moisture exposure during processing.

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