Everyone needs a "pick me up" in the morning; some can't live without it. Others, like us, owners of Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie, live for it! Whether a coffee connoisseur, or someone just looking for a caffeine fix, Hallowed Grounds has something for everyone!

So, the next time you're in New Brighton, be sure to visit Hallowed Grounds. We are passionate about what we do and we brew a mean cup of coffee, if I do say so myself! You will love the "service with a smile" attitude and you will also be supporting a neighborhood store!

At Hallowed Grounds, we have been roasting our own beans since 2007, guaranteeing you a pleasurable coffee experience. Additionally; we flavor all of our own 28 original flavors. We have 100 different coffees to choose from. Whether you want regular coffee or $50-a-pound pure Jamaican Blue Mountain or genuine Hawaiian Kona - we have it! We also carry 60 different kinds of loose leaf specialty teas!

The large Pittsburgh coffee roasters were our inspiration. Originally we planned to buy a stove top roaster as a husband home hobby and instead opted for a commercial coffee roaster which we installed on our enclosed sun porch. We started selling coffee from our home and soon had over 100 customers with 1000 pounds of coffee stored in the pantry. It was time to move into a storefront!

Business ventures can be risky but we consider ourselves blessed by the support of our local community! The store has been self-supporting from the first month and is still growing in spite of the economy. The numbers keep getting better and better each month. Growth has been slower than we originally would have liked but it has been steady. There is something to be said for the steady drip that fills the bucket!

With our convenient main street location Hallowed Grounds benefits from local events like the New Brighton car cruise and the Halloween Parade. We also sell frozen coffee, which helps beat the heat of the summer sales slump. Our busiest time of year is the holiday gift buying season!

We also offer a blend of unique products including; fresh roasted Bavarian nuts and fresh ground peanut and almond butters. So, do yourself a favor and stop into Hallowed Grounds, you will be glad that you did. With corporate America dominating local markets, it's refreshing to have local businesses, like ours, that are not just surviving but are thriving.

Thankx a latte' for your ongoing support both in-store and online! We appreciate your business and without you we couldn't do what we do, so let's work together to keep fueling today's coffee revival and serving local flavor with a flair!

Kathy Chabala - Owner



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