Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie has the solution to your k-cup problem. U might not have known u had a problem, but if you use a one cup brewer you are spending a fortune on those little cups. Even on sale they cost on average 50 cents a cup, so that means u r paying $32 a pound for your coffee! And u aren't getting heavenly roasted coffee from Hallowed Grounds either!

Everyone luvs the convenience of 1 cup brewing but since the coffee brews so quickly it doesn't extract the full flavor as well as other brewing methods. So, u r paying more & getting less!

Hallowed Grounds EZ cup spring loaded design brews a better cup and cuts your cost in half. Plus it gives you freedom of choice in brewing so u can experience the enlightenment of Hallowed Grounds heavenly roasted coffee in every cup!

The EZ cup lets u create your own unique cup with fresh roasted Hallowed Grounds Coffee.

Online the starter kit sells for just $30 and ships FREE it includes 1/2 lb. of my Signature blend Americana coffee. In-store you can pick up a kit for just $25.

If you want a better cup of coffee for less money from your one cup brewer perk up your day with a Hallowed Grounds EZ cup gift set - get one 4 yourself, 1 4 the office, & 1 4 a friend - they make great gifts 2!

Thanx a latte!

Have a perky day!



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