At Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie in New Brighton we have the solution to your K-cup problem. If you or someone you love is using a 1 cup brewing system like the Kurieg you are spending a fortune on those k-cups. At fifty cents per cup you are paying $32 a pound for your coffee! And you are not getting fresh heavenly roasted coffee either!

Everyone loves the convenience of the one cup brewers, but since they brew so quickly they don't extract the flavor as well other brewing methods. So you end up paying more and getting less flavor in your cup.

The Ez-cup Perfect Pod system is spring loaded to guarantee better flavor extraction and using your own coffee cuts your cost in half. Plus it gives you freedom of choice in brewing so you can experience inspiration from bean to cup.

The Ez-cup Perfect Pod lets you create your own k-cupwith fresh heavenly roasted coffee from Hallowed Grounds. We sell the starter kit with one half pound of our artisan micro-roasted coffee for just $30 which qualifies for FREE shipping on your order.

Perk up your day and your holiday gift giving with the Ez-cup Perfect Pod gift set.


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