LOVE the coffees, teas, employees & owners! Great local shop that strives for excellence!

Amy Fox Barna,

We LOVE Hallowed Grounds. They have great coffee and loose teas. Lots of accessories. Love the ice coffee that is always on hand, as well as hot coffee. I especially like their low acid coffee. I thought I was going to have to give up my daily coffee because my stomach bothered me when ever I drank it, then I was told to try low acid. And it worked!! No more stomach problem, plus low acid coffee is also good for those who suffer from bladder problems. It does not irritate the bladder the way regular and even decaf can. So, I say, stop on by and check out Hallowed Grounds. They staff are warm and friend and ready to meet all your coffee needs. Can't say enough good about Hallowed Grounds. ♥

Jeanette Farkas,

This is a same testimonial.

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