Meet Drew Chabala aka Dr. Drew, the Hallowed Grounds roast maestro. Drew is responsible for all of the deliciousness at Hallowed Grounds. He rejoined us after leaving us for a few years to pursue his California dream. When reality set in, he decided that home sweet home was not so bad after all. We are glad to have him back with us full time roastin' those beans! Drew helps with ordering, opening, and is taking over some of the machine maintenance items as well. Drew and Steve O move the 150 lb bags of beans around when they are delivered to us - 1500 pounds monthly! Drew also does the behind the scenes work of taking our product of the day pics and posting our live facebook feeds. You can find Drew roastin' and rockin' most every day at Hallowed Grounds! Drew was voted Person of the Year in the Times Best of the Valley in 2018. But we already knew what a great person he was with or without the award.

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