Meet Drusilla Chabala aka Dru, the Hallowed Grounds roast maestro. Dru is responsible for all of the deliciousness at Hallowed Grounds. Dru rejoined Hallowed Grounds after leaving for a few years to pursue a California dream. We are glad to have Dru back full time roastin' those beans! Dru also helps with ordering, opening, and eventually hopes to take on an ownership role.

Dru is currently in the process of transitioning to female to fulfill her desire to be a more authentic version of herself. She prefers female or gender neutral pronouns. We hope you will join us in supporting Dru in her journey. Dru appreciates the acceptance and respect she continues to receive from customers that have grown to love her along the way.

You can find Dru roastin' and rockin' most every day at Hallowed Grounds! Dru was voted Person of the Year in the Times Best of the Valley 2018. But we already knew what a great person she was with or without the award.

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