David Chabala is the founder and CEO of Hallowed Grounds Coffee Roasterie. He established the business from a home hobby beginning in 2007 to the store front location in New Brighton in 2008. It was  in the plans for him to join the business full time, unfortunately, he needed to continue to work for the family's health insurance and  to enable Kathy to "play" store all day. David officially retired from his 30 year career painting. cars in January and he and Kathy are  planning a bucket list trip to Italy next year!

Dru has since taken over many of the responsibilities that David used to do. David taught Drusilla the art coffee roasting. David continues to play a critical role at the store  by fixing all things broken. But, with Drusilla here David is free to focus on cooking which he also loves to do including preparing delicious meals for the Hallowed Grounds staff meetings.   David remains an intricate part of the business for without him, there would be no Hallowed Grounds;)!


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