AirScape Kitchen Canister Gift Set


BeanSafe – the coffee storage solution! Holds one pound of heavenly roasted coffee!


Make a lasting impression by giving the gift of freshness with your coffee gift. Our AirScape stainless steel coffee canisters preserve the freshness of our heavenly roasted coffee, while adding a touch of chic to any kitchen. As the lid is pushed down, air is forced up and out. The handle flips down to lock in freshness! Paired with a bag of our Signature Blend Fresh Roasted Coffee, you will be giving the gift that keeps on giving! Priced at just $30 this gift won't pinch your pocket, so get two and keep one for yourself! This item qualifies for FREE shipping!

AirScape Kitchen Canisters are available in a variety of colors - please specify color preference in comments or call for availability (724-581-5282). We have Stainless Steel, Obsidian (black), Mocha, Candy Apple Red, Aqua and Pearl (white).


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